in addition to the 17 full length tracks in the playlist at bottom--
the following mp3s are excerpts featuring orchestration.
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to hear the excerpts in context of the whole song, samples with "*"
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Orchestration Samples.

1. A Dark Mouth Noel* - Kamhout Project
Orchestration for: Strings, Woodwinds, Timpani and Band

2. All In How You Say It - Tommy Shaw
Scored for Violin & Viola mainly to support vocal melody in the chorus although it was through the outro as well.
Backwards guitar loops

3. As Pretty Does - Pink Noise Test
Homage to Brian Wilson. Orchestration scored for: Vocals, Cello, Percussion and Band

4. Fall* - Pink Noise Test
Orchestration for: Cello, Percussion and Band

5. Hang On To Yourself - Meow Meow
Scored for 8 Trumpets and Band

6. Most Alive - Meow Meow
Scored for two Violas

7. Orbiting - Meow Meow
Scored for: Cello, Contrabass, Timpani, 2 Violas, Woodwinds, Toy Piano and Band

8. Smile* - Pink Noise Test
Scored for: String Quartet, Backwards Piano, Noise and Band

9. Ub Um Ma - Kamhout Project
Scored for Tambura, Tabla, Guitar Loop, Vocals and Slide Bells


songs in playlist at bottom.

Sick Fixation - Meow Meow
Cracked - Meow Meow
Not Worth Recovering - Meow Meow
Amaurosis - Meow Meow
Wear You Down - Meow Meow
All The Same To Me - Pink Noise Test
Blunt - Pink Noise Test
Fall - Pink Noise Test
Kaleidoscope - Pink Noise Test
Smile - Pink Noise Test
Gone Dead - Pink Noise Test
The Feeding - Kamhout Project
A Dark Mouth Noel - Kamhout Project
Wail - Kamhout Project
Surface Below - Kamhout Project
Kiss - Kamhout Project
Just Another Day - Pale 3 & 12 Rounds