08.19.97 Removed embedded sound from "index.html"
added some verbage for AOL users on index page
dates/tourinfo added Tower Records Sunset, ACME Underground, and Opium Den with map links
updated/changed bandbio as per Pikus
"pink" logo sticker returned Plasticized release changed to available-merchandise page.
temporarily removed counter from index.
updated "new.html" to document changes

07.21.97Created new tv images and onMouseOvers
posted "pics.html"

06.27.97 Finished pics page. Created and new tv images and onMouseOvers
added band bio link to pink page
added interscope records link on e-mail page
dates for Viper Room, Alligator Lounge and Troubadour with map links.
built new songsample page (sampled requested songs) added sound
listed all songs, created links on merchandise page
posted "pics.html", "new.html", "email.html", "pink.html"
"tourinfo.html", "merchan.html" and "songsamp.html" with onMouseOvers.
posted 3 wave files-echochor.wav, dance.wav and icantstd.wav

06.18.97 Added link to new.html on "index.html". Created and
posted "index.html" & "new.html" with onMouseOvers to document changes to the site.

06.17.97 New counter numbers, cgi script edited
posted "counter.cgi"

06.16.97 Free sticker offer, $2.98 10" offer (e-mail onMouseOvers added)
posted "merchan.html"

06.12.97 Uploaded new digits for counter. New way of transferring files
created a directory for transferring files

06.06.97 dates for Mogul's, Spaceland and Viper Room
posted Tourinfo.html with Map and address linked with Map Blast. Counter added
posted "index.html"
Links added for Jon Posell(Tick Graphix) posted "pics.html" & "e-mail.html"