disKoNeKt the Hi-Fi is Kirk Hellie's electronic music alter ego. Escaping the constraints of pop song structures, Hellie pushes the noise to the forefront and wallows in atonal bliss.

Live, "disKoNeKt" has an ever changing line-up depending on the performance. Sometimes fascistically orchestrated, other times improvised or semi-composed, the soundscapes owe as much to musique concrete as they do to the pioneering free-music ensembles of the 60's.

It wouldn't be out of the ordinary at a "disKoNeKt" gig to hear the queasy sounds of contact mic'ed fruit, electric slinkys' or various marital aids dancing across oil drums. And, on occasion, you might hear live re-mixes of field recordings being tweaked while nails are driven into screaming guitars--Difficult listening for the discriminating muzik connoisseur.

disKoNeKt has toured internationally, bringing its' brand of "sonic wierdness" across the States and Japan. Check the live action page on this web site for upcomming gigs.