Self Examination a Quandry
by Edward J. Nervo

something exists,
the idea of nothing must also exist
the idea could be a prelude that exists before the idea that something exists,
If the idea of nothing exists before the idea of something does,
Can it be said that this prethought is conclusive of thought as being creative (thought creates the notion of being-nonbeing independent of the facts)
Where do the ideas of something-nothing emerge from?
This colorfull 'emerge'; Is it proper to use such a description?
Do ideas and thoughts mearly 'emerge' whenever they are good and ready?
If so, when is the right time for these thoughts to emerge?
So. . . If thoughts need TIME to emerge, can it be said the time is ever present even before the thoughts fo something-nothing and thoughts of time itself?

If the brain is the origin of thoughts, can it be said that the activity of thinking is independent of the thoughts it creates?

If you are reading this are you not thinking of it as well?

If you are reading and thinking at the same time, would that TIME be the same as the time we mentioned before?

There are different amounts of time, but are there different types of time? If time is relevent in every aspect, why are certain moments more like types rather than lengths?

The idea of time being length. Does that not give dimention to that of time like a line would have a space in which it can have length?

If time can be measured like knots in a rope or like a straight line, Can it be said that time can be made into a representational graph which exists like something?

If time is something before the thought of that something, can it be said that the thought is only a representation of ???? (something-nothing or time of just plain thought)

Here is a checklist: SOMETHING, NOTHING, THOUGHTS, TIME, Now which one makes the others exist? If your answer is something, does that include the nothing as something?

If your answer is nothing, what brought about that thought? Did it emerge?
If your answer is thoughts, then think again with out a representation of that thought what are you left with? And what is that absence?
If your answer is time, how much time or how long amount of time was needed to come to that idea?

What is an idea?
To be continued. . .


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